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We provide consulting services, remotely or at your facilities (anywhere in the world). Our focus is mainly on the oil and gas sector.

Our mission

Provide sound and timely technical assistance in the areas of risk analysis, integrity management plans, materials and corrosion to enable our clients in the optimal and safe management of the integrity of their physical assets.

Integrity management of physical assets

In this context we can define it as the coordinated activity of an organization to ensure that assets operate efficiently, safely and consistently throughout their life cycle. It is a coordinated activity because there must be an organizational structure with defined functions and responsibilities to ensure compliance with the policies and the achievement of the objectives of of the integrity management. Such integrity management must ensure that the assets operate and produce with minimal risk to personnel and the environment, and within the technical-economic parameters of the design.

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ISO Standard 55000 Series for Asset Management

Integrity Management and the ISO 55000 Series Standards

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Relationship between key terms in Asset Management Ref. 1

Relationship between key terms in Asset Integrity Management